Understanding where your opportunities lie within the customer journey will reveal what is working and what isn’t.

Unfortunately whilst many look at a conversion funnel report to assess individual stages of the buyer’s journey, these stages are assessed independently. However, to truly understand the conversion funnel, the stages of the funnel must be analysed end to end in its entirety.

By looking at each stage of the conversion funnel and recognising it’s connection to the next step of the buyers journey, you can have a better understanding of what is converting customers.

Current Gaps

The flaw in how the conversion funnel is currently viewed by many businesses, is in the failure to connect certain stages as conversion metrics.

For example, when a transaction is made when a user enters through an exit click, the exit click is not recognised as a conversion metric. With many sales requiring the user to use select a link which exits them from the site to take them to the purchasing stage, failure to record the exit click overlooks a large part section of the conversion funnel.

Are you missing opportunities?

By failing to recognise relevant stages in the conversion funnel, are you missing opportunities?

When your data or marketing team review the performance of certain parts of your online journey, it’s imperative to assess all stages in the funnel. Every click, quote or call to action which progresses a user to the next stage of the sale, should be picked up in the conversion funnel.

Once your team can see exactly where customers are converting, or where they aren’t converting, the team can work on optimising areas of the journey.

Track your upstream sources, clicks and stages within the conversion funnel to understand a complete picture of what is affecting the buyers journey and influencing the number of sales you make. If you want know more about tracking clicks and the buyers journey, speak to our experts here.